My position on some of the issues facing the great state of Nevada:


If you read my motivations page, then you’ll see where so much of my passion comes from. The reality is, a fact has no emotion. I am a believer in science and reason. However, as humans we must also have hope or we are not as driven. I am driven by my passions tempered by facts, which result in reason. I have been involved personally, with my family, and professionally in many of the following issues. I have seen what works. I have a grasp of the problems up front and in person and therefore have first hand knowledge of what needs to be done.

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I will fight for the people. I believe in state rights, less federal government intrusion, and for people to be in a position to do for themselves even when the government could help. I will always offer a hand up to assist my fellow citizens to excel. A handout promotes learned helplessness; a hand up promotes positive change.


Some key issues:


Campaign Issue: Healthcare


While people are debating what to do, real people are dying and families suffering. I am involved in the treatment of it. I educate on it and have been involved with the enforcement of this deadly disease and therefore I call it my PET issue: Prevention; Enforcement; Treatment. Addiction is the #1 healthcare concern in The United States and The State of Nevada is not immune. Approximately 40-50% of all incarceration, nationally, is due to drug offenses. This doesn’t include other offenses where alcohol and/or drugs played a role. Drug overdose causes more death than any other singular cause. 


Prevention: The education surrounding this epidemic needs to begin early on in our schools. It should be a required topic in health class. Good decisions begin with good information.

Enforcement: The enforcement needs to be swift, sure and severe. Let’s identify who needs help. With addiction giving people negative consequences is life saving.

Treatment: For non-violent offenses, when clinically appropriate, treatment in lieu of incarceration. Treatment will lower the recidivism rate, keep families intact and lower the need for entitlements. It is financially sound and makes our community safer.



There are thousands of Nevadans suffering from mental health issues. So many people are hampered in their ability to cope effectively with life itself. Whether genetically, through trauma (mental, emotional, physical) or other medical influences, etc. many persons not receiving appropriate assistance often self medicate. This can lead to the #1 healthcare issue in the United States, as aforementioned above, addiction.


I have been involved in the treatment of many of these individuals and countless times have seen when an individual receives appropriate care (psychotropic, therapy, health style changes, etc.) their lives are turned from homeless, hopeless and/or helpless to living on their own with various degrees of ability. In many cases the ability to contribute to society. Some people need help. When provided with the help, they often require less government assistance and begin to pay it forward. It is the right thing and the fiscally sound thing. What can be better then that?  




Campaign Issue: Taxes

Treat non-violent drug offenses in lieu of incarceration. Treatment is less expensive than incarceration, especially when NO TREATMENT leads to higher recidivism rates. The likelihood

Grover Taxpayer Protection Pledge

to reoffend is higher then the relapse rate following treatment.

By treating mental health issues, we assist persons to contribute to communities rather then draining our society on entitlements while barely existing as a human being.

As they say in Las Vegas, “Don’t chase your bad money with your good money”. The people should not have to pay for the mistakes or misuse of monies spent by legislation. Rather, the legislature needs to STOP THE WASTE

Active status of the signed Grover 
Taxpayer Protection Pledge

and allow for more money for the governed. This starts with identifying how to save money while helping people to thrive.


More money in the pockets of citizens translates into increased spending in our communities. Many retired individuals have a fixed income. Making purchase decisions is easier without the fear of having increased taxes. Additionally, to stop waste while assisting our fellow citizen is a win-win. Being fiscally responsible, compassionate and taking positive corrective action is not exclusive of one another.

With money saved by the corrective measures I have listed above, we have more money to direct towards other issues such as education.

Campaign Issues: Education


Nevada is struggling to educate. The Nevada school system is suffering compared to other States, statistically, within the education system in the United States. Graduation rate, national scores and money spent per child are near the bottom. This is NOT just an issue of money, nor is it just an issue of class overcrowding.  It is more specifically a matter of meeting our kids needs at a place of where they are.  This is a FACT, as there are comparable states that have less per child funding, ranked higher while simultaneously having a higher student to teacher ratio. 


As your Legislator, I will get a bill passed to make ALL schools in Nevada Therapist practicum sites so whereby one licensed on sight therapist could oversee Master’s level interns allowing for up to 500 hours direct contact therapy hours to students per school, per week for FREE.  This not only benefits our students, it saves the state millions of dollars. 

Additionally, all counties, but specifically here in District 36, we need to form A panel of school principals should be formed so successful ideas are shared. The panel of principals then informs the district(s) of students needs, not the other way around. Schools exceeding standards should be emulated. Schools falling below standards need to be reviewed for corrective changes.


There are many opportunities for Nevadans however; it can be very difficult without higher education. The two-year colleges allow for a pursuit to learn while offering affordable tuition and loans. Transferring to one of our four year Universities is available with additional costs and more loans. Simply put, not all people want to attend a four- year college or seek a degree in higher education but feel they’re limited if they don’t. Following graduation from college, the individual must still obtain employment while having student loan debt to repay on top of it.  


The two-year colleges need to offer trade school classes resulting in certifications at the same affordable tuition and also with student loan availability. This allows a person to learn a trade: Welding, Electrician, Plumber, HVAC etc. in 2-3 semesters (certainly within two years) and allow our citizens to immediately be able to earn a substantial living while providing needed services in our state. This would increase opportunities and significantly reduce costs for individuals who seek this type of education. If loans were utilized, much lower and reasonable student debt would be incurred making it a more affordable option.  

Campaign Issue: Right to Bear Arms

“…Shall not be infringed." The people of the great state of Nevada have the right to feel safe in their homes and be able to defend and protect themselves and their families. The people should be able to walk and live freely anywhere they may lawfully be. People should live without fear of being a victim by an attacker. The fact is, by definition of being a criminal, laws are not being complied with, gun laws are no exception.  Law abiding citizens have a right to lawfully purchase and carry firearms, for personal protection, in all areas a person with criminal intent could pose a threat to their safety.


Gun laws only impact already law abiding citizens. Any law obstructing the lawful from firearm possession makes them less safe. This gives criminals an unfair advantage over the law-abiding citizen. Criminals are criminals and those that may commit violent felonies are not going to change due to gun laws.

 Campaign Issue: Water

My stance on water is simple.  Recent actions of the State Engineer is a governmental over reach and private property owners have the right and already in accordance with Nevada Statutes to drill their own well.  There should be no additional claims having to be made until a thorough investigation by the State Engineers office is conducted to determine how many claims are active and how many wells are in use.  In other words, let's have all the FACTS before issuing to  lawful persons, that they must cease.

On the topic of water I am opposed to having a private person's well being monitored by a meter.  


Make NO changes until you have all appropriate FACTUAL information to base a decision upon.  We all need water to survive, therefore should all be driven by the same motivations. We must look at areas of waste and make corrections. As far as meters on wells are concerned, if you own property, then it is your land, your well and therefore your water.



District 36 is expansive and has areas of high population and multiple rural areas of lower population. I really enjoy the opportunity to serve this diversity of needs. In the rural areas we have problems ranging from an over population of wild burros to underserved healthcare and other emergency services. These issues have solutions. I am currently extensively researching these and many other issues. Once I have the most available information, I will form an opinion of and for the most corrective measures 

 There are many issues our State, and specifically Assembly district 36, will face. I welcome and encourage any and all questions, as the people need to know the position of the person representing their voice in government. I will legislate with honor, logic, and reason and based on equality under the law.


 Gladly Vote Bradley 2018!



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