Lowering Taxes

Dr. Bradley has signed the taxpayer protection pledge. In other words, he will NEVER vote to raise or create new taxes. In fact, Dr. Bradley believes we should be offering certain tax relief incentives in many areas. He states the raising of taxes is often the answer for government as a way of making citizens pay for the government’s mistakes. His belief is simply, trim the fat, remove the expensive and ineffective bureaucracy.

Dr. Bradley states people and business owners need to feel safe in their ability to budget and make purchases without worrying about what government mistake they will have to pay for next.

Preserving the Second Amendment

The right to bear arms is a God-given and Constitutional right. As an originalist Dr. Bradley opposes any law which prevents, delays and or in anyway infringes upon any law-abiding citizens right to possess, transfer, sell or own a firearm.

As a former Law Enforcement Officer, Dr. Bradley knows first hand the need for persons to defend themselves; stating once the police are called, the potential threat is already in progress and the need to defend oneself or family is imminent.

Improving our Education

As a father and grandfather: Dr. Bradley believes in empowering parents and providing them with more rights to having ultimate choice as it relates to their children’s education. Dr. Bradley is in favor of school choice: scholarship programs, Education Savings Accounts (ESA), school vouchers, etc.

Dr. Bradley says education, like business, should be competitive in its options thus creating the highest probability for successful outcomes of our children.
If a parent chooses to homeschool their child (children), this allows to reduce a families’ daycare costs but also the parent should be compensated for educating students (their children).

Rehabilitating our Healthcare System

Dr. Bradley is a leader in treating the #1 healthcare concern in the United States; Addiction. As a medical professional, healthcare is always top of mind for Dr. Bradley. ObamaCare has been a disaster for Nevadans. Dr. Bradley believes that government needs to get out of the way.

Our system is designed for disease correction, not health maintenance. While there are bigger questions and more answers, given the federal government’s role, there are many things we can do as a state more immediately.

We need to make incentives for healthcare facilities and providers. We can offer exemptions from certain taxes and have incentives for providing care in rural areas as well as promoting genuine health maintenance and pathology prevention.

Dr. Bradley states if providers give back to the community, offer discounts and do community outreach, it should be considered to go towards continuing education requirements, as an example. He says the best way to learn is to teach. Dr. Bradley does multiple free community talks to educate communities. He says, many times these talks lead to possible prevention of health issues i.e. addiction, suicide, trauma, awareness but also leads to early detection of possible pathology and appropriate referral.

Protecting the Unborn

As a healthcare provider, Dr. Bradley believes that life is determined by a beating heart. He says, just like when the heart no longer beats, we consider life has ended, so too is when the heart is beating then life exists.

Dr. Bradley is pro-life and believes life begins at the moment of the fetal heartbeat.

Creating Jobs and Unleashing Nevada’s Energy Potential

While Democrats seek to destroy the economy with their “Green New Deal,” Dr. Bradley says his District (36) is a treasure chest for job creation in the area of energy and exploring all avenues of energy creation including our abundant natural resources. The federal government should release land to the state and local government for growth and development. He says this will create thousands of jobs and make District 36 one of the wealthiest in the Great State of Nevada.