"I have written what Dr. B. has meant to my family and me, and what he has done for us so many times. However, four pages were the minimum. So, I figured I would give you a summary.
          Dr. Bradley is not afraid to pray with clients if they ask. He is ethical and honest, with the kindness to match. His knowledge of the issues does not deter him from being compassionate when needed, however. He handled my intervention and treatment over seven years ago. I was addicted to painkillers, could barely read, tried suicide many times, and was looking for a way to try it again. Dr. Bradley knew this and realized that I needed a firm but stable foundation to recover. He knew that suicide was because I was hurting emotionally, and there were more in-depth ideations. He also knew that I would eventually succeed if I did not get treatment. 
          You see, Dr. B. takes his job personally and not in the Biblical sense. He has been touched by addiction. So, he knows the way addicts act and how they think, react, and recover. He put me in a place that helped guide me to recovery. I give him my first chip every year. For those reasons, I know he will be the best candidate for any position because he not only has the heart for the job, he also has the brains and personality. 
          Did I mention that he is my biggest cheerleader in school! I have a 4.0!!! Thank you, Dr. B., You helped me believe in myself! Additionally, I will be an Addictionologist one day. As it stands, I have a few more classes until my practicum in graduate school. Of course, I know that he and his family are praying for me.  
          As for gun control, as I said before, he uses his heart and brain but is an ethical and logical man. He comes from a military background, and he is a retired decorated police officer. He believes as I do, respect the firearm and the laws. Everyone has rights unless they give up those rights. In other words, the amendments are ours for a reason. Trust that our police officers and society can protect one another. Bond together as a community because we need one another. Not to steal each other’s possessions or name, but bonding over fellowship. Addiction takes on many faces, and so do illegal gun owners. We have the power to prevent both. Allow Dr. B. to tell you his views, and implement them in office. I am a grandmother and mother who is blessed with all their lives now. Thank you again, Dr. B., for your efforts, trusting me, and not giving up on this addict. I will be eternally grateful to you and your family." 
Blessings to all,
Linda Garrett

"You are not a politician but a servant.   
Also, you sound like Dr Peter Breggin, a great guy who has testified before Congress many times."          -Richard Westrup


"My name is Richard, I am a former patient of Dr. Bradley and currently a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. I hold a position at a local university as a piano instructor.Of the prominent Doctors I have met over the years, one in particular has displayed a particular passion for his art, and a dedication to bettering not only his own self, but the lives of others who have the joy of experiencing his worth. That man is Doctor Joseph Bradley. He is one of the most honest and hard working of people I know.
He is dedicated to his profession as he is equally dedicated to his family, colleagues, and friends. His talent is such that he has attracted the likes of all patients and social workers across the nation. Joseph's rapport with the addict and their family member is clear. How he can take in the most hopeless case's and nurture them back to health through education and cognitive behavioral therapy, is a testament in itself of his compassion and humanity. Furthermore he dedicates his time not only by giving powerful speeches at local treatment center, but also treating physical limitations in a distinct and unique way without the use of prescription medications that can lead to addiction. As someone who can potentially hold public office, I believe he will afford the world a great worth through his natural ability of helping others and his desire to give of his innate gifts to others. Where one’s passion is everything of poetry, his poetry is one of the soul.He is by nature as soulful as he is in truth sincere. I believe in him and I always will. He stands as one of few who have restored my faith in our generation for holding political office, in his dedication to any case or cause, he remains steadfast and true.
Elegant, eloquent and erudite, he has my blessings for a fine future, one that he is surely deserving of."

In good faith and with kindest regards,
Richard Kazandzhidi

"I owe this man my life! I flew to Las Vegas NV from Chicago IL, specifically to be treated by Dr. Bradley because no one else could help me. From 7 years ago, 163lbs, cane, headed for a wheelchair and strung out on pills for 34 years; to 203lbs and healthy as I can be today. Obviously I have struggled but this man gave me hope and tools to be and do so much more. Eternally grateful!"
-Fred Suria

"I have known Dr. Bradley for many years, both as a professional colleague and as personal friend.  He is a man of deep integrity and positive convictions.  He loves America. He understands and believes in the fundamental principles that have made this a great state and a nation. He will confront issues and strive daily to make life better for everyone. Your vote is important. It can make a difference.  You can be proud to tell others that you support Dr. Joseph Bradley, now and in the future".                                                                                  

      -Dr. Michael De Vito

"At first I was lost, living between group homes and at times being homeless.  I met Dr. Bradley while I was sitting on a bench outside his office when he approached me and asked if I was ok.  In that moment, I felt hopeful.  With the help of Dr. Bradley I learned that dreams can still come true.  As an addict I could not find anything that was helping. I was lost in life.  Dr. Bradley did not give up on me and he did not let me give up on myself.  Today, I am living a happier life including living in my own apartment.  Two years ago I couldn’t imagine achieving such a positive outcome.  Without the help of Dr. Bradley I would still be lost. "    -Dwight Morrison



"Where do I even begin about Dr. Bradley... He is a man of rectitude. He is a man who is courageous enough to speak up when needed. He is a man who is true to his word. A man who shares his knowledge in pursuit of changing lives. Many of us, who are addicts are not familiar with the technical jargon of our disease. Dr. Bradley is the only man who could make me understand, while not making me feel like a fool. I saw his passion for his work, and it is truly inspiring. He is the type of person that motivates you to be a better human. When he steps into your life, it will never be the same. I am who I am today because of this man."

                                            -Michael Heaning


"I have known Dr. Bradley for over 10 years both professionally and personally.   I have always had the highest respect for his intelligence and willingness to stand up for what is right.  He stands up for our country, the military and what he believes is right.  He does not compromise his values and will fight to make things right.  As a friend he is loyal and trustworthy and I feel very honored to know him."                  -Charlene Sloan, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

"I met Dr. Bradley in July of 2013.  It was at that point in my life I was heavily addicted to prescription opioids which I was taking to combat debilitating chronic back pain.  Thanks in large part to his intervention and subsequent ongoing treatment, I no longer take any kind of pain medication and my chronic pain has been reduced to a relatively manageable level.  I receive chiropractic treatments from him approx. every three weeks.  Not only does my body benefit from these visits but my mind as well.  We often talk at length during these visits about social and political issues affecting our nation.  His insight into these issues is enlightening; he sees things from a realist's perspective.  I consider Dr. Bradley one of the most intelligent and commonsensical people I have ever known.  That being said compounded with his impressive and somewhat diverse professional background, I personally endorse Dr. Bradley as Assemblyman for District 36."                                                                -James O’Rourke

"Dr. Bradley is an extremely bright, compassionate and ethical human being.  He is down to earth and approaches issues in a common sense manner.  His word is his bond.  He will serve Nevada well!"                                                                                        -Michael Adams, LCSW

"I have known Joe Bradley for 17 yrs.  He has always expressed a great love of our country and been extremely concerned about our freedoms being eroded year after year.  His conservative views have never changed.  He traveled to Philadelphia, PA to stand in the   places where our forefathers stood. Dr. Bradley is a man of integrity and a true patriot.  The Nevada Assembly would be lucky to have such an honest and dedicated man".                                                         -Pat Dvorak
"I'm a professional educator with a doctorate in music education & have been a teacher in music and early childhood special education for nearly 50 years. In the early 2000's I met Joe Bradley when I was seeking a chiropractor for my ongoing back problems. He is one of the finest people I know, both personally & as a doctor. Over the past 17 years I continued to see him for my health needs & connected with him as a conservative Republican, often discussing political issues. I always have had a concern for the direction of education in our state and country. He has good ideas for improving our schools & has great knowledge regarding the Constitution of the United States. I'm amazed at how often he quotes the founding fathers of our great country, understanding how they formed the constitution and why they instituted the ideas that have stood the test of time. I have no doubt that he would be a tremendous addition to the Nevada Assembly and would always look out for the best interests of the voters in his district as well as for all the people of our great state".
                      -DeLyle Dvorak, Ph.D.










Dr Bradley can be trusted to represent his community with integrity and a logical/rational problem solving approach. Talk with Dr Bradley and you will know he has your best interest at heart!
-Brad and Rhonda Baldwin


"Doctor Bradley is a man who has dedicated himself to serving his fellow man and making the world a better place. Nevadan's will be lucky to have him in the State Legislature."                                                                                                  James Halverson



"I met Dr. Bradley in 2003, I literally picked his name out of a thick book sent to us by our insurance company. My husband and I started going for regular chiropractic visits.  As we got to know Dr. Bradley we realized how caring and knowledgeable he is. Our son who was 10 years old at the time began to have trouble in school and with his prescribed ADD medications, his medical doctor kept adding more and more medications rather than getting to the root of the problem.  As a mom I knew this was not good for my son, I contacted Dr. Bradley, he was able to get my son off of all his medications and back on track and able to function in school.  My husband and I moved out of state 4 years ago.  To this day we drive to Las Vegas to see Dr. Bradley for adjustments and most recently treatment for TMJ.  No one in our area is able to help us with proper adjustments nor help with my TMJ.  I wholeheartedly support Dr. Bradley.  He is an amazing man that always stands in integrity and has a huge heart for people. When he says he will do something he always follows through.                      -Rhonda Wallace

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